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07 Jun, 2023

Clay pots and accessories for your wood oven: The secret of traditional cooking

Our Clay pots are the basic for traditional cuisine, but, if you have a wood oven, this is not the only essential accessory to make your recipes on the fire and, in Wood fired ovens, we are going to expose you the accessories for your wood oven, which you cannot miss.

Now that summer is approaching, those meals in the open air are more desirable and we light up our barbecues and wood fired ovensTherefore, it is the perfect time to review our outdoor cooking accessories and, in the case of our wood ovens, these items you can not miss ...

Buy clay pots for your wood, electric or gas oven

To cook exquisite recipes in your wood-fired oven, it is essential to have quality containers, highly resistant to high temperatures, such as Clay pots for cooking on the fire, even also usable in electric and gas ovens.

To do this, in our store wood fired ovens, we offer a wide catalog of quality traditional clay pots, handmade and guaranteed. Discover all our options for your different recipes and number of diners!

Round clay pots

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. round clay pots you can cook everything from rice dishes to stews and seafood zarzuelas. Endless opportunities where your recipes will be scrumptious and, at Hornosdeleña.com you have different size options for the whole family and friends.

These are our proposals in round clay pots!

Oval clay pots

La oval clay pots They offer us a perfect format and size to cook our meat and fish. In this way, the tasty point of each piece will be exquisite and, in addition, in our online store you can choose between an oval casserole and an oval casserole with grooves to suspend the roast, saving it from the fat that it releases when cooking it.

Choose your casserole and number of diners!

Clay pots and clay pots with lids

If you want to make stews, broths, stews and stews, where you need the lid to optimize the cooking of the food and its broth, in Hornosdeleña.com we offer you a diverse range of clay pots with lids for your wood ovens.

Do not miss the delicious recipes for dipping bread that our clay pots with lids offer us!

Other clay pots

Of course, at Hornos de leña we are clear that you have to expand the options to optimize your recipes, and we all like roast chickens that are tasty on the inside and crunchy on the outside... Or not? For this reason, in our online store, we put at your disposal our clay pots roast chickens With or without a spice rack and in different formats for different numbers of chickens.

You have to try it! The chicken stays on top, since it is placed on the skewer and, below, our garnish will also collect all the juice that it releases... It makes us water just thinking about it!

(Patented product of Wood ovens).

Buy shovels for wood ovens or brick barbecue

The shovels are essential when we cook with fire and embers, since they help us to facilitate the handling of our food and casseroles, in addition to helping us move the embers depending on what we need to cook our food, as well as being very efficient for optimize cleaning, once we have finished cooking.

Buy gloves for wood ovens or brick barbecue

If you are going to cook with fire and you have to handle pots, pans and containers, gloves for high temperatures are essential! Prevention and avoiding burns is essential for safety and a good experience in the cooking process.

Buy refractory screen for wood oven or brick barbecue

Another of our unique and exclusive products on the market is our refractory screen, which protects your roast from direct fire, inside the wood-fired oven and allows more homogeneous cooking as it helps distribute the heat throughout the interior! Once try it and you will not be able to do without it!

Buy pyrometer for wood oven

Pyrometers are essential for cooking in your wood-fired oven, since it is the article that indicates the exact temperature inside the oven. Ideal for controlling the cooking of our food at the most optimal point!

Store of wood ovens, clay pots and accessories

If you already have your wood oven and want to make the most of your recipes and culinary experience, get your accessories now! Because YOU HAVE OUR SUPER OFFER WITH A 10% DISCOUNT on orders of 3 items or more.

En Wood fired ovens you have a wide catalog so you can find the best clay pots and accessories for your wood oven. Go into www.hornosdeleña.com and prepare your outdoor gastronomic plans with your family and friends!

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