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Elegant Wood Oven Shovels Set 6 Pieces with Hanger

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Iron Shovels for Wood Oven.

  • Accessories for wood-fired ovens made of iron with wooden handles.
  • Set of: 2 shovels, brush, dustpan, hook and rake.
  • Includes hanger and the necessary hardware to fix.



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Accessories for wood-fired ovens made of iron with wooden handles.

Composed of 6 pieces and hanger has a set of 2 iron shovels for oven: a square shovel and a pizza shovel.

As well as pickup, hook and rake. These accessories have two wooden handles, one fixed and one movable. Thanks to the movable handle, it allows the element to be gripped without burning and facilitates maneuverability when using the element.

The set has all the hardware to fix the sticks to the blades and brush.

To avoid risk of burns, use the brush with cold ashes.

El set of oven blades contains: 6 pieces and hanger.


Characteristics of the Set of Shovels for Wood Ovens


  • Square shovel: 33 × 20 cm (iron)
  • Round shovel: 30, cm diameter. (iron)
  • Natural vegetable bristle brush.
  • Hook, rake and ash catcher size: 110 cm
  • Pine bar (shovels and brush): 105 cm (+ length of accessories)
  • The rods of the hooks, rake and ash catcher are made of iron.
  • Painted with anti-heat paint.

Due to the manufacturing characteristics these measurements may vary in mm. 


Contents of the Oven Blade Kit


  • 1 rectangular shovel.
  • 1 round shovel.
  • 1 ash brush.
  • 1 ash catcher.
  • 1 hook to bring the pans closer to the mouth of the oven.
  • 1 rake to separate the embers.
  • 1 hanger.

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