Rustic Refractory Screen (Patented)

Refractory Screen for Wood Oven

  • Refractory screen to protect the roast from direct fire inside the Wood Oven.
  • Product patented by Hornosdeleñ
  • Handmade with highly refractory clay.
  • Highly recommended for roasts, and baking of bread or pastries.
  • Natural color
  • Small: height 13cm (for internal ovens 70-80cm)
  • Large: height 13cm, (for interior ovens 90cm-100)


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Refractory protective screen for wood oven


La refractory screen exclusive of ovensdeleñ It is a refractory clay barrier, which protects the roast from direct fire inside the wood oven, allowing a more homogeneous cooking since it distributes the heat throughout the interior.

So this refractory screen is the perfect complement to get the most out of our wood fired ovens, protecting our dishes from direct fire and avoiding burns or uneven cooking.

The refractory screen is an exclusive product of ovensdeleñ, developed by our team and patented, which makes it a unique product on the market.

This refractory lampshade comes in a natural color, for a rustic look, and available in two sizes:

  • Small: height 13cm (for internal ovens 70-80cm) approx 30-32cm
  • Large: height 13cm, (for indoor ovens 90cm-100) approx 44-46cm




  • 1 Refractory screen in the chosen size.

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30x13cm, 42x13cm