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Pyrometer For Wood Fired Oven Door With Sheath

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Thermometer with Wood Furnace Sheath.

  • Door pyrometer for wood or charcoal oven.
  • Temperature up to 500º. Sphere measure 80 mm.
  • Used by professionals.
  • Available with 5 cm and 20 cm sheath.

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Pyrometer with wood oven sheath safe and reliable to use, made of stainless steel to ensure a longer service life.

Recommended and used by professionals.

East oven thermometer allows you to control the interior temperature of the oven at all times, facilitating the cooking of your favorite food, be it meat, pizzas or vegetables.

El Firewood Furnace Pyrometer It has an 80 mm diameter sphere and a temperature measurement range from 0º to 500º. Inside the sphere you can see a red warning zone, since although it can reach 500 degrees, it should not be at that temperature continuously.

With sheath to easily fix and adjust to the wood oven door.

East oven door pyrometer It is available in 2 sizes:

  • Short - 5 cm.
  • Medium - 20 cm.

El Firewood Furnace Pyrometer It is shipped in a cardboard box.


  • Pyrometer with sheath for a wood oven door.
  • Dial: 80 mm.
  • Temperature range from 0º to 500º.
  • Pyrometer material: stainless steel.
  • Used by professionals.
  • Available sizes: short 5 cm and medium 20 cm.


  • 1 unit.

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