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13 Jul, 2023

How to make veal vacuum in the wood oven Authentic Argentine recipe!

All the Argentine grilled meat recipes, have become a focus of interest for the most carnivorous in the kitchen and, the vacuum of veal in the wood oven, is a culinary delicacy that you cannot miss... For this reason, from Hornosdeleña.com we are going to facilitate the authentic wood-fired oven vacuum recipe So that this summer you can succeed in your feasts with your guests!

To begin with, any grill master will tell you that the great secret of a good barbecue begins with the choice of good meat. The veal vacuum is one of the most prestigious and delicious meats, since it is found on the side of the cow, in one of the most fibrous parts and, the choice of the piece, will have a lot of weight in the result of your recipe. . Our most expert cooks recommend choosing a cut without a lot of fat and, if it is cooked on a grill by letting the fat drop, the result will be much better, achieving an exclusive and fat-free flavor.

Veal vacuum recipe in the wood oven

We have slipped into the recipes of the best Argentine grills and we have tried this specialty. Essential for meat lovers!

Ingredients for 4 people:

2kg of veal vacuum (whole piece).

Salt and pepper to taste.

1 clove garlic.

Half a cup of EVOO oil.

Herbs to taste fresh (Rosemary and thyme feel great).

Ideas for the garnish:

You can accompany your beef vacuum with peppers, onions, zucchini, potatoes,... Of course, all of them cooked in the wood-fired oven. Its flavor will be much more exquisite!

Suggested wine to accompany the dish:

To accompany this culinary delicacy, we recommend choosing a good Tempranillo wine as a good pairing for the occasion.

Preparation of the beef vacuum

Once you have all the ingredients and companions ready It's time to prepare your beef vacuum at the wood oven! To do this, the first step is to light and heat your wood-burning oven, leave the embers evenly distributed over the floor, and prepare your grill. After…

1 - Mince the garlic with the chosen herbs, EVOO and season to taste.

2 - prepare the meat vacuum cleaning and degreasing.

3 - smear the meat, with the help of a brush, with the mixture of herbs, EVOO, salt and pepper that we have just made.

4 - Leave the meat marinating a while. You can leave this step while you light the fire and prepare the coals, even a little before.

5 – Once you make sure that the wood oven is very hot, seals with a heat stroke, about 5 minutes, each side of the meat.

6 – After cook for 40 minutes, where you will go around the meat, still brushing with the mixture prepared at the beginning.

7 – During this process, you can prepare the vegetables. You only need to put the chosen vegetables in albal paper, with oil and put them directly in the embers, next to the vacuum. Then, once removed, season and cut to taste.

8 – Take out the meat and Let's plate! Now you only have enjoy this wonderful wood oven recipe, Argentine specialty 😉👌

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