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27 Sep, 2023

Refractory screen for wood ovens Now at 15% discount for you!

Good news for those who want hone culinary skills in the kitchen by wood oven! Now in our online store for wood ovens. We offer you a 15% off so that finally! you can buy your refractory screen, to improve the results of your dishes and facilitate the preparation of your recipes.

What you still don't know which is a refractory screen and how it can help you improve your recipes? Below, we tell you everything you need to know 😉👇

What is refractory screen?

La refractory screen is a protective element between fire and food, which uses highly refractory kaolin concrete, to facilitate uniform cooking of food inside the oven. Its ability to protect food from the intense heat of embers to improve the quality of meals has made it an essential accessory and highly recommended by those seeking to perfect their culinary recipes in their wood-fired ovens.

The refractory screen is an innovative device designed to improve the cooking experience in a wood-fired oven., in addition to optimizing the flavor of your results. This revolutionary product has been patented by our company, under the number patent U201300608.

food refractory screen

What is the refractory screen for?

The main function of the refractory screen is to act as a protective shield between the burning embers of the wood oven and the food being cooked. Its curved shape and high quality refractory material, They allow it to resist and effectively reflect the intense heat generated by the embers on the food., without these burning. This feature is especially useful when cooking foods such as pizzas, rustic breads, roasts and other dishes in a wood-fired oven.

How is the refractory screen used?

When the refractory screen is placed between the coals and the food, a barrier is created that prevents the part directly exposed to heat from burning or cooking unevenly. This means there is no need to constantly turn pans or pizzas to ensure uniform cooking on different sides. The refractory screen already allows food to cook evenly, preserving its natural flavor and texture, which greatly simplifies the cooking process within a wood-fired oven.

Take advantage of your 15% discount on your refractory screen!

Do you have a wood oven and you still don't have your refractory screen? It's the perfect time to get yours! Because NOW, and until the end of October You have a 15% discount on your refractory screen!

To which refractory screen do we apply the discount?

En Wood Ovens, we offer the discount on the standard refractory screen, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Characteristics of the refractory screen

This refractory screen protects your roast from direct fire inside the Wood oven and allows for more homogeneous cooking since it distributes the heat throughout the interior (Patent no. U201300608) Unique on the market.

What options does it offer:

  • 2 finishes: Natural or Enameled
  • 4 measures:

Mini: length 27cm, height 11cm, base 5cm.

Small: length 30cm, height 11cm, base 5cm.

Large: length 45cm, height 11cm, base 5cm (Temporarily).

Extra-large: length 55cm, height 11cm, base 5cm.


*Discount not applicable to rustic refractory screen.

What do our customers think?

Customers who have had the opportunity to use the refractory screen They are clear in their satisfaction. Many have experienced a noticeable change in the quality of their recipes after incorporating this device into their kitchen.

La refractory screen has become one of the most recommended products for those who enjoy cooking with a wood oven, as it improves the efficiency and results of this traditional cooking method.

refractory screen

This is your opportunity! Discover the advantages of cooking with our refractory wood oven screen. You will no longer be able to do without it!

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