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15 Nov, 2022

Buying a wood oven Your most ECO option!

Did you know buy a wood oven Is it one of the most ecological and economical options for your pocket? In the times we live in, where the electricity bill skyrockets and the planet asks us to change our lifestyle and consumption habits, a wood-fired oven can be a great solution to prepare our most succulent recipes... 🍖🔥♻

But buy a wood oven, not only saves energy and money, it also offers many advantages and, from Hornosdeleña.com, let's tell them all.

Advantages of buying a wood oven

If so far you did not know the advantages of cooking in a wood oven, it's time for you to discover all the benefits and why invest in a cooking model, so traditional and current, at the same time 😎🔥

✅ Cooking in the wood oven is more ecological.

To understand this point, it is important to know that firewood comes from pruning trees, without cutting them, and using it to light a fire is one of the most efficient and ecological ways to take advantage of this resource. On the other hand, cooking over fire and with wood is one of the most sustainable ways for the environment, since firewood offers certain advantages when used as fuel.

Benefits of firewood as fuel

  • With firewood we get higher thermal efficiency, especially in a wood-fired oven, since the heat is kept inside for much longer, allowing us to cook food for much longer and, therefore, a greater number of foods in the same batch of cooking.
  • Reduction of energy expenditure. By cooking with firewood, we save money on electricity and gas.
  • With firewood we get food with a unique and exclusive flavor with smoked and traditional flavor. This point is a great point in favor for lovers of good cuisine and exquisite palates.

✅ Cooking in the wood oven is cheaper.

Currently, with the high electricity and gas bills, it leads us to consider new ways of cooking our food. A good solution are the wood fired ovens that, thanks to its combustion source, the economic expense is much lower, in addition to contributing to the environment by reducing energy expenditure.

Cook in the wood oven, does not involve electricity or gas costs, we only need firewood and make a fire, much cheaper resources. Buying the wood oven is an initial investment but, in the long term, it is a saving for your pocket, without a doubt.

✅ The flavor of wood oven recipes is unmatched.

As you can imagine, any recipe for a wood-fired oven will have nothing to do with cooking with gas or electricity. Both in the traditional way of cooking food, and in the results, the experience of cooking in a wood-fired oven is something that cannot be compared with anything else and the flavors are unmatched, due to the smoky touch of natural firewood as this type of cooking respects the authentic flavor of food, even enhancing some of its flavors 🤤

✅ Great plans with family and friends around a wood oven

Have you still not experienced a gastronomic journey around a wood oven? Without a doubt, they are one of the best moments that we later remember with friends and family. Because, in addition to sharing exquisite dishes, we also share the entire process and the moments leading up to the meal, a Spanish custom that we enjoy so much.

Handmade and custom wood ovens

En Hornosdeleña.com we offer you a wide wood oven catalog for you to experience new flavors, in addition to benefit from one of the most ECO options for cooking. Both wood-fired ovens for individuals and wood-fired ovens for professionals, in our custom-made wood-fired oven factory and store in Valencia, you will find your custom option.

We manufacture and sell wood ovens, for all of Spain and outside the country, with traditional and artisan manufacturing techniques, with top quality materials and tailored to each of our clients. In addition to tailor-made financing!

Contact our wood oven factory and we will inform you without obligation!

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