Traditional Brick Wood Oven

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Wood Oven of Artisanal Construction by Wood Furnaces.

  • Traditional construction with Refractory Bricks, brick on brick.
  • Interior floor covered with refractory tile.
  • Includes Professional pyrometer 50cm (0-500ºC), patented, cast iron door with adjustable anti-smoke system, stainless steel chimney with 15cm draft cut, covered with refractory bricks.
  • Brick kiln available in 4 sizes.

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IMPORTANT: The ovens are made by hand and on request. Contact us at or by calling 662.380.039 to check stock availability and/or delivery time

SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. To be valued according to the destination of the oven to be sent.

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Traditional Wood-fired Oven of Artisanal Brick Construction


IMPORTANT: Our ovens are made by hand and on request. You can contact us at or by calling 662.380.039 to Check availability of stock and / or delivery time.

This oven is ours High-end brick kilns, as it incorporates additional characteristics that make it a more resistant oven, while improving its aesthetics, and ensuring a much longer useful life.

New line of Traditional ovens, built in the old way, by hand, brick on brick, achieving a semi-professional line. Completely handcrafted, with refractory bricks, the same insulation that we already use in clay ovens, and with our exclusive patented products.

Wood fired ovens Available in four sizes: 

  •  70 cm useful interior diameter (base 100 x 100 cm).
  • 80 cm useful interior diameter (base 110 x 110 cm).
  •  90 cm useful interior diameter (base 120 x 120 cm).
  •  100 cm useful interior diameter (base 130 x 130 cm).





  • Cast door with our effective anti-smoke system (patented U201030292), adjustable in height. 1 cm thick and 20 kg in weight. This anti-smoke system prevents the exit of smoke by 90%, while improving combustion and interior temperature thanks to its lower door that, when left ajar, forces the smoke to exit through the chimney. It also incorporates the anti-smoke visor (patent U201900436) that prevents the smoke from getting out from dirtying the bricks in the mouth of the oven. 
  • Chimney  clay hood + stainless steel draft cut (proprietary) covered with refractory bricks, for greater protection, as it is the point of greatest concentration of heat in the furnace, also avoiding expansion.
  • Perfectly insulated and with a written numbered guarantee.
  • Finished in natural cork paint, with 6 colors to choose from.
  • Also included in this promotion: Pprofessional irometer 50 cm safe and reliable to use, allowing you to control the oven's interior temperature at all times and comfortably.




  • Wood oven in the size and color chosen.
  • Professional pyrometer 40/50 cm according to oven size.

*Transportation (door to door) in Spain (peninsula). Does not include placement.

SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. To be valued according to the destination of the oven to be sent.



How are the ovens at Hornosdeleñ made?

Basically we have three models of oven that are the following:

TRADITIONAL: Refractory brick oven, manufactured in our facilities in a totally traditional way, that is, brick on brick in the old way. They are ovens made by hand by master baker.
Available measurements (useful interior measurement) 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm. Other measures on request.

See the complete manufacturing process in this link:

TONE: Refractory concrete furnace, high alumina with own formulation, with exceptional performance, modular and by pieces. There is the possibility of acquiring this oven in kit form where the mouth of the oven is included with its door, hood and stainless steel chimney already installed. All designed so that the user can install it without any problem. In addition, it is especially suitable for places that are difficult to access for the crane or machine to install finished ovens.

Video and tutorial for its construction is provided

CLAY OVEN: Refractory clay dome oven, one piece, with a thickness of 3-4 cm, completely handmade. Good performance oven. As it is natural refractory clay, it is possible for cracks to appear that do not affect the performance of the oven.

All of our ovens are insulated with ceramic material (blanket and ceramic paper) which increases the performance of the oven and therefore increases savings in firewood consumption. The three models of oven have up to 4 different layers of insulation, so that being at 300º, inside the oven, the loss of temperature from it to the outside is minimal.

Where can I install the wood ovens?

Our ovens are built and designed for placement both indoors and outdoors. As they have a considerable weight (from 400 to 1000 Kg), they have to be installed and placed with specific machinery to lift these weights (electric forklift, crane, etc.).

The ovens have four anchors in each of the corners to facilitate their lifting and placement. If this is not possible, you can purchase a construction kit and proceed to assemble it yourself, following the tutorial that we will provide for this purpose.

IMPORTANT: Remember that our transport company will unload the oven at street level, being the buyer who by their own means has to locate it where it is required.

Can I cook in the wood ovens?

El wood oven It works in a similar way to an electric oven with the particularity that the temperature is not controlled as precisely as in our kitchen. The experience and the day to day will make us control the operation of our oven. Each oven responds in a different way and its use and practice is essential to master the secrets of its operation.

Like an electric oven, the temperature is the important factor of the oven, taking into account that as time goes by, it decreases little by little. We can make from simple roasted potatoes, to the most complicated stews. Everything you can do in your traditional oven at home can be done in the wood-fired oven (rice, vegetables, meat, fish, pastries, pastries, stews, bread and a long etcetera)

How should the wood oven be cleaned?

El oven maintenance it's simple. Once cooking is finished, the embers and ashes will be allowed to cool down. We proceed to remove the ashes and, in any case, clean the interior with water (without using chemical products).

In addition, the following parts of the oven must be maintained in a special way:

  • Door: if there are obvious signs of oxidation, you can choose to paint the door with anti-heat paint (on our website we have a door maintenance kit).
  • Glass door: if the oven has a glass door, there are products for cleaning it (you can find products for cleaning oven glass and fireplaces on our website.
  • Bricks in the mouth of the oven: If the bricks in the oven are dirty due to the fumes that come out of the door, they can be cleaned with non-abrasive products (in our website we have cleaning products for fireplaces and barbecues).

Can I customize the wood oven?

We are manufacturers and we can meet customer requests to customize their ovens. We have systems such as trencadis, glazed bricks with various colors, tile, stone, etc. You just have to ask us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Can I request a custom oven?

Of course, we have manufactured ovens from 50 cm internal measurement up to 4 meters in diameter. If you want a custom oven, contact us to tell us your needs and our team will study the possibility. We manufacture ovens for individuals and for pizzerias, restaurants, rural houses, etc.

Do wood ovens crack?

The process of exposing the oven to high temperatures and extreme conditions can produce an expansion/dilation of the metal parts and, as a consequence, the appearance of small expansion cracks (with heat these cracks expand and when they cool they contract). This process is normal and does not affect the operation and performance of the oven.

The most normal cracks will appear where the oven reaches the highest temperature. The points where the furnace is most affected by the high temperatures are the chimney and the brick mouth. In the internal vault of the furnace it is difficult for these fissures to be made. However, we guarantee that these expansion cracks do not affect the performance of the furnace and are necessary to prevent the furnace from cracking more seriously.

Where can I buy an oven from Hornosdeleñ

You can buy our ovens online on this same website or by visiting our network of distributors both in Spain and in the world. For a personalized management you can contact us and we will give you direct attention solving any doubts you may have.

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100cm (Useful Inter.), 70cm (Useful Inter.), 80cm (Useful Inter.), 90cm (Useful Inter.)