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Traditional Brick Oven

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Wood Oven of Artisanal Construction by Wood Furnaces.

  • Traditional construction with Refractory Bricks, brick on brick.
  • Interior floor covered with refractory tile.
  • Includes Professional pyrometer 50cm (0-500ºC), patented, cast iron door with adjustable anti-smoke system, stainless steel chimney with 15cm draft cut, covered with refractory bricks.
  • Brick kiln available in 4 sizes.

IMPORTANT: The ovens are made by hand and on request. Contact us at info@hornosdelena.com or by calling 662.380.039 to check availability of stock and / or delivery time

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Traditional Wood-fired Oven of Artisanal Brick Construction

IMPORTANT: Our ovens are made by hand and on request. You can contact us at info@hornosdelena.com or by calling 662.380.039 to Check availability of stock and / or delivery time.

This oven is ours High-end brick kilns, as it incorporates additional characteristics that make it a more resistant oven, while improving its aesthetics, and ensuring a much longer useful life.

New line of Traditional ovens, built in the old way, by hand, brick on brick, achieving a semi-professional line. Completely handcrafted, with refractory bricks, the same insulation that we already use in clay ovens, and with our exclusive patented products.

Wood fired ovens available in three sizes: 

  •  70 cm inside diameter (base 100 x 100 cm / 80 cm inside diameter (base 110 x 110 cm).
  •  90 cm inside diameter (base 120 x 120 cm).
  •  100 cm inside diameter (base 130 x 130 cm).

The oven (100cm Ø) can be used semi-professionally, ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, due to its great capacity and resistance.



  • Cast door with our effective anti-smoke system (patented U201030292), adjustable in height. 1 cm thick and 20 kg in weight. This anti-smoke system prevents the exit of smoke by 90%, while improving combustion and interior temperature thanks to its lower door that, when left ajar, forces the smoke to exit through the chimney. It also incorporates the anti-smoke visor (patent U201900436) that prevents the smoke from getting out from dirtying the bricks in the mouth of the oven. 
  • Chimney  clay hood + stainless steel draft cut (proprietary) covered with refractory bricks, for greater protection, as it is the point of greatest concentration of heat in the furnace, also avoiding expansion.
  • Perfectly insulated and with a written numbered guarantee.
  • Finished in natural cork paint, with 6 colors to choose from.
  • Also included in this promotion: Pprofessional irometer 50 cm safe and reliable to use, allowing you to control the oven's interior temperature at all times and comfortably.



  • Wood oven in the size and color chosen.
  • Professional pyrometer 50cm.

* The price includes: VAT, shipping and transport insurance (door to door) in Spain (peninsula)

SHIPPING included in Spain (peninsula)

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100 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm