Instant flexible financing without surprises at Wood Burning Furnaces with Aplazame

  • You buy what you need, with a maximum of € 1.500 per operation.
  • You pay as you want up to in X months.
  • You only need a mobile phone, a card and a DNI or NIE.

Simple and without registering

You do not need to create an account to finance a purchase. You just have to select Aplazame as the payment method in the store and fill in some personal information so that we can respond to you instantly. 

No hidden fees

Stop worrying about the fine print. There are not. The only thing you are going to pay is what you will see during the purchase process. Not a penny more. It gives you up to € 1.500 to buy what you need and you return them in up to X months. 

Quick and easy

Without documentation or paperwork. We will only ask you for a couple of personal data. You tell us the number of months you want to pay and the day you want to pay. We show you the interests and we confirm the credit in seconds. 

Flexible and safe.

You pay as you want. You choose which card you want to do it with and you can add as many as you need. And your data, always safe. We take security very seriously and use the latest standards to keep you safe.

And to enjoy shopping!

Your credit is approved in seconds, we process your order and you receive it at home. Buy now and pay later it's that easy. 

Financing conditions:

When applying for the loan, you will be asked to make a first down payment. The amount of your loan will be the amount of your basket minus that initial payment. That is the amount that we will finance in the number of installments you choose. For example, a 6-month financing will involve 7 payments, one at the time of granting the loan and 6 installments in each of the 6 months following the purchase.

  • Payments are made with the card that you contribute to Aplazame.
  • The SMS sent by Aplazame has no cost to you.
  • The granting of the credit is subject to compliance with the requirements set by Aplazame.