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Tonino Kaolin oven 80 - 90

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Furnace composed of kaolin modules, highly refractory with great temperature retention capacity.

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Wood Oven TONINO CAOLIN 80 and TONINO CAOLIN 90, manufactured with refractory concrete modules composed of 100% high alumina kaolin clay, highly refractory, capable of withstanding high temperatures and maintaining them for a long time.

Available in 80cm interior measure. Base 110x110cm Interior measure 90 ctms has a base of 120 × 120 ctms

Cast iron door, with a patented anti-smoke system, the anti-smoke visor (patented) is also incorporated into the door, which guarantees that the upper part of the door does not blacken due to smoke.

Chimney with 15cm diameter draft cut, covered with refractory bricks.

Exterior finished with projected natural cork paint, so it can be outdoors without problems. (6 colors to choose)

VAT included.

SHIPPING included to Spain (peninsula) Consult other destinations. (transport insurance included)

IMPORTANT: The ovens are made by hand and on request. Contact us at info@hornosdelena.com or by calling 662.380.039 to check availability of stock and / or delivery time

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