Tonino Caolin 90 Oven Kit

Tonino Caolín 90 kiln construction KIT.

(see composition below and more details)

With this Kit, the construction of the oven becomes a very simple task, since you only have to put the pieces in their place and put the corresponding insulation. The cast iron door is already fixed to the arch of the furnace mouth.

A video link to the oven construction (7:57 min) is provided as an assembly guide.

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Novel oven, in a modular way, to facilitate its construction and assembly. The pieces are made of 100% kaolin clay, subjected to a high temperature in order to prepare and adapt it for resistance to direct fire without any type of problems or expansion, thereby preventing fissures or cracks from arising. Its alumina percentage of 47% guarantees a high temperature accumulation capacity and of course its maintenance for hours.

It is of course a guaranteed performance furnace that is easy to build (guided by us), and we can assure you of its durability for many years.

We have manufactured these Kits with the intention that building a wood oven is an easy and enjoyable task, guaranteeing an excellent oven in terms of qualities and qualities.

The Construction Kit offers the possibility of being able to build it in places that are difficult to access, where it is difficult to put a finished oven.

We put the material and you the imagination and taste for the finish of your oven.


Modular 100% kaolin furnace, composed of 4 pieces: 2 for the base, 1 for the dome, and the mouth with the cast iron door included and installed. This modular construction greatly facilitates its assembly, and at the same time avoids problems of fissures or cracks, since the same joints absorb any expansion. This system makes manufacturing much easier. The Kit includes the following components:

2 pieces for the base

2 pieces for the dome

1 piece mouthpiece

1 cast iron door with a patented anti-smoke system, already installed in the mouth

1 stainless steel draft cutter, already installed in the mouthpiece

1 30cm pyrometer with copper tube

3m2 of ceramic paper

3m2 of thermal blanket

1 roll of aluminum foil

1 roll of metallic mesh «chicken coop» to hold insulation.

1 pot of high alumina sealant (1700ºC), for the joints

1 pair of work gloves

1 mask for the placement of the insulation

Instruction manual (link to video will be provided)

(NOT INCLUDED: clay, monolayer, blue mesh for the moncoapa, and other finishing materials that appear in the complete and detailed construction video)



Kit weight without packaging: 325 kg

Dome thickness: 5cm

Recommended people for construction: 2-3

Estimated construction time, not counting the final finish: 1 day

The remaining material for its finish (clay and monolayer) is not included, since they are materials that are very easy to acquire in houses of construction materials, they are not expensive but due to weight and volume they increase the price of the product for transport.

At the customer's request, we can adapt the ovens for gas.

VAT included

SHIPPING included in Spain (peninsula) Consult other destinations.