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Large Cast Iron Door With Anti-Smoke Artisan Glass For Oven

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Oven Door with Glass and Patented Anti-Smoke System for Wood Ovens.

  • Cast iron door with high temperature glass.
  • With anti-smoke system that prevents 90% of the output.
  • Patented system for wood fired ovens.
  • Proven and guaranteed efficacy.
  • With anti-smoke visor. Right opening.
  • Artisan manufacturing according to casting technique.

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Wood oven door with high temperature glass manufactured by Hornos de Leña.

This  cast iron oven door with glass It can be installed both outdoors and in closed places such as paelleros, cuttlefish, cellars, etc. thanks to its patented anti-smoke system (U201030292) that prevents smoke from escaping by 90% and at the same time, better manages combustion and the internal temperature of the oven.

I mean, this anti-smoke system allows the combustion of the coal or the wood from the oven without the smoke coming out of the door, since the cold air enters through the lower door, which must be left ajar, and as it heats up, it forces the smoke to exit through the chimney , heating the oven faster at the same time.

In addition, all cast iron doors has a smoke visor (patent U201900436) that prevents the smoke that may come out when opening the door from dirtying the bricks in the mouth of the furnace black.

The success of this complete Anti-smoke system patented by Wood Furnaces (patents U201030292 and U201900436) is backed by the thousands of satisfied comments from customers who have already purchased the door.

IMPORTANT: these oven doors are handcraftedl, according to the characteristic techniques of foundry. After demoulding, any burrs that may have been generated are removed and the door is manually adjusted to the frame. Each cast door is different, unique. The final finish is that of a process of Hand-made with its imperfections that provide rustic and natural characteristics.

The elegant cast iron door for wood fired ovens It features a highly durable 10 mm thick iron plate, 4 metal handles to fix it on site and wooden handles.

Opening to the right.

  • External measurements: width 55 cm - height 47 cm.
  • Interior measurements (passage hole): width 45 cm - height 38 cm.
  • The door rises straight 30,5 cm and takes a curve.

Approximate weight: 22 kg.


  • Foundry furnace door.
  • With high temperature glass.
  • Artisanal manufacturing using the casting technique.
  • With anti-smoke system and anti-smoke visor.
  • Patented systems, patent U201030292 and U201900436.
  • Iron plate 10 mm approx. thick.
  • 4 metal handles to be able to fix it to the work.
  • External measurements: 55 x 47 cm.
  • Interior measurements of the hole: 45 x 38 cm.
  • The frame curve starts at 30,5 inches.
  • Approximate weight: 22 kg.
  • Wooden handles.
  • Support guide for laying brick.
  • Right opening.


  • 1 unit.

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