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Mini square iron door for oven or burner

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Mini square oven door for oven or burner

  • iron gate with anti-smoke system.
  • Right opening.
  • Valid for small ovens such as oven door and burners
  • External measurements: width 43.50 cm - height 32 cm
  • Interior measurements of the opening: width width 35 cm – height 24,50 cm
  • Liquidation offer. You limited.


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Wood oven door without glass Made of 3mm thick iron, with a patented anti-smoke system incorporated, specially designed for interiors as it prevents smoke from escaping through the door by 90%, while facilitating combustion.

This oven door is ideal for both small ovens and burners.

The available units of this model are limited and will be available until end of stock.




  • External measurements: width 43.50 cm - height 32 cm
  • Interior measurements (hollow): width 35 cm – height 24,50 cm




  • Iron oven door.
  • Perfect finish.
  • With anti-smoke system (patented)
  • Iron plate 3 mm approx. thick.
  • Metal handles to be able to fix to the work.
  • External measurements: width 43.50 cm - height 32 cm
  • Interior measurements of the opening: width 35 cm – height 24,50 cm
  • Right opening.
  • Possibility of incorporating a pyrometer (making the customer a hole).




  • 1 unit.




How are the doors made?

We have two types of doors: those made of iron plate and those of cast iron, and both can be chosen with glass or without glass.

Both types of doors have been designed for good operation and long durability.

The cast iron doors They are more robust and durable. The cast iron manufacturing system is carried out in a traditional way with the same system used for more than 50 years (it is not a mechanized plant). These doors have a leaf thickness of 10 mm and all of them have an anti-smoke system and an anti-smoke visor.

The iron sheet doors They have a thickness of 3 mm and have anti-smoke systems and an anti-smoke visor. In the event that the client purchases the door for its installation, these have some "claws" to grip the wall to the bricks of the frame.

What does the patented "Anti-smoke System" consist of?

All our doors have the following anti-smoke systems patented by us:

anti-smoke system: This system consists of a flap in the lower part of the door, adjustable in height, with which we manage to regulate the entry of oxygen into the oven. In this way, with the door closed and the system ajar, a current is generated that intensifies the flame and prevents the food from smoking and the smoke from escaping through the door. This system is ideal for indoor ovens.

Anti-smoke visor: This innovative system patented by us consists of a small visor above the iron door frame, which serves to deflect the smoke that comes out when the door is opened, preventing the bricks in the upper part of the door from getting dirty.

Thus, when we open the door to see the stews, put firewood, etc., the visor deflects the outgoing smoke, preventing it from hitting the upper bricks and dirtying them, keeping the upper part of the door always in an optimal state and as new.

What is the most suitable door for me?

Either of the two gives an exceptional result. Cast iron doors offer greater robustness and durability, making it the recommended option if the budget allows it.

I have doubts in the choice or installation, what can I do?

We will be happy to answer any questions that may arise about our products. If you do not find what you need in our questions and answers section, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, whatsapp or email. We will gladly attend to your requests.

How do I clean the doors?

Door: If there are obvious signs of oxidation, you can choose to paint the door with anti-heat paint (we have a door maintenance kit on our website).

Door glass: If the oven has a glass door, there are products for cleaning it (you can find products on our website for cleaning oven glass and chimneys.