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Iron Door Without Glass Large Anti-smoke System

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Oven Door with Visor and Patented Anti-Smoke System for Wood Ovens.

  • Wood oven door WITHOUT glass, visor.
  • With anti-smoke system that prevents 90% of the output.
  • Patented system for wood fired ovens.
  • Proven and guaranteed efficacy.
  • Available opening to the right and left.

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Iron door for wood-fired ovens WITHOUT glass manufactured by Hornos de Leña.

This  oven door It is specially designed for its location indoors, in closed spaces, since thanks to its patented anti-smoke system 90% avoids the exit of smoke and at the same time, facilitates combustion.

The success of this Anti-smoke system patented by Wood Furnaces (pat200900124-430123) is backed by thousands of satisfied comments from customers who have already purchased the door.

Its design, manufacture and subsequent perfect finish is designed to guarantee a smoke-free space.

La anti-smoke door It is adjustable in height and allows, when closed, to leave it completely closed or with a small slit that does not choke the oven or smoke the food.

This  door with anti-smoke system patented by us, Wood Furnaces, presents the original model, guaranteed, it is NOT a modified copy.

Our anti-smoke system It consists of a small door at the bottom of the main door that must be left ajar. This allows the oven to be turned on and the main door closed, preventing excessive smoke from escaping.

Our patented smoke visor It allows you to always have the oven as new, since when you open the door, the smoke stains the bricks of the mouth with soot and they always remain with their natural color and shape.

The elegant wood oven door It has an iron plate of approximately 3 mm thick and handles to fix it to the work and wooden handles. In addition, it has space, if desired, for the installation of a pyrometer in the door (hole to be made by the customer.



  • exterior: width 54 cm - height 44 cm.
  • interiors (hollow): width 45 cm - height 38 cm.

The curve of the frame starts at 28 cm.

Available with left and right opening.



  • Iron oven door.
  • Approximate weight 10 kg
  • Without glass.
  • With patented anti-smoke system.
  • Patented system pat200900124-430123.
  • Iron plate 3 mm approx. thick.
  • Handles to be able to fix to the work.
  • External measurements: 54 x 44 cm.
  • Interior measurements of the hole: 45 x 38 cm.
  • The frame curve starts at 28 inches.
  • Wooden handles.
  • Opening available on the right and left.



  • 1 unit.

VAT included.

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