Wood Oven Door Restorer Kit

Protect and Maintain Your Oven Door Like Day One.

  • Repair your rusty oven door and make it look like new.
  • Coats, maintains and protects against corrosion.
  • Kit: anti-rust paint and anti-heat paint resistant to high temperatures.
  • It includes everything necessary for its correct repair.
  • Available kit with manual metal brush or for drilling machine.

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Wood Oven Iron Door Restorer Kit

After buying an oven door or a wood oven, one of the problems that occurs over time is rust. A rusty iron gate no matter how new an oven ages considerably.

El rust problem It occurs due to the exposure of metallic iron to moisture. Humid places, rain or dew eventually cause rusty reddish-brown areas to appear, making the door ugly.

That's why in Wood Ovens We have looked for the perfect solution both for those who already have a rusty door and for those who want to maintain them.

This kit allows you to repair oven doors with rust and leave them as new.

The iron door restorer kit has everything you need to carry out its restoration:

  • Two pairs of latex rubber gloves, to protect.
  • Masking tape, to protect the areas of the oven that are not going to be treated.
  • Colorless Antioxidant Oil, Xylacel Metal Oxitrol After sanding the door, it is applied as a primer material. It is a colorless air-drying oil for versatile use, highly penetrating and consolidating rust. Thanks to its special formulation, oxidation on the metal is slowed down. It can also be applied to stoves, windows, metal doors, pipes, grates, stairs, ...
  • Brush / trowel for applying antioxidant oil. Double standard 18, natural mixed bristle with wooden handle with tin ferrule. Suitable for all types of paint.
  • Anti-caloric paint, resistant to high temperatures, up to 800ºC, Vitcas. It can be applied on surfaces such as: stoves, oven doors, heaters, barbecues, boilers, pipes and metallic materials that are near heat sources.

El door restorer kit is available in two versions with:

  • manual metal brush, brass-plated steel.
  • metal brush for drill machine. Brass steel. Ratio mark of 50 mm. Drill diameter: 6mm.

Both the antioxidant oil and the anti-heat paint are presented in containers with sufficient quantity for various uses.

Hornosdeleña.com uses this anti-heat paint to paint its cast iron and iron oven doors and recommends this kit for its repair and conservation.


Door Repair Kit Advantages:

  • Oven door repair kit.
  • Repairs, maintains and protects against corrosion.
  • Kit with everything you need for proper repair.
  • Available kit with manual metal brush or for drilling machine.
  • Read carefully the instructions of the product, before use.


Important, disclaimer

The information provided is based on our experience and that of our clients. There are factors beyond our control, especially the method and conditions of application that affect the use and performance of our products and for this reason, we cannot give any warranty, express or implicit.

Users should make their own tests to determine the applicability of this information or the suitability of any product for the purpose of their particular case.


Technical Features:


Xylacel Metal Oxitrol antioxidant oil.

  • Colorless Antioxidant Oil for air drying.
  • Highly penetrating and rust consolidating.
  • Drying time: Dry to touch 12 hours - Repainted 24-48 hours.
  • Total drying time: 24-48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.

Anti-caloric paint, resistant to high temperatures, up to 800ºC, Vitcas,

  • Insulating coating paint for oven doors, boilers, etc.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, up to 800ºC.
  • Drying time: 15 minutes, it will harden after an hour at 160oC. Some smoke will be generated during this process. The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, the humidity of the air and the thickness of the paint that has been applied.
  • In spray.
  • Color black.
  • Read carefully the instructions of the product, before use.


Contents of the Wood Oven Door Restorer Kit:

  • 2 pairs of latex gloves.
  • 1 roll of masking tape.
  • 1 antioxidant oil, Xylacel Metal Oxitrol 200 ml. 
  • 1 brush / brush.
  • 1 anti-heat paint, Viccas, 400 ml spray.



  • manual metal brush.
  • metal brush for drill machine.

VAT included.

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Explanatory video of the restoration of doors for wood ovens:

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Metal manual brush., Metal brush for drill machine.