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03 Apr, 2023

Spring opens and wood oven With up to 12% discount!

It's time to buy your custom wood oven! The good weather arrives and with it the desire to make more plans outdoors and, among them, a good gastronomic day with family and friends, cannot be missing 🤩

For this, if you have a space to place your wood-fired oven, it is time to take the measurements and place your order in our factory and store of personalized wood-fired ovens. We are a great team of professionals, with extensive experience in the artisan manufacture of custom wood ovens.

sale of wood ovens online


In addition to being the ideal time to open your wood oven, it is also the perfect time! Because in Hornosdeleña.com You have up to 12% discount on all wood fired ovens domestic!

But beware! This offer is limited to spring 2023 Ask us for more information if you have any questions!

Catalog and prices of wood ovens

En Hornosdeleña.com We offer you a wide catalog of wood ovens for individuals, so that you can choose your favourite, in the measurements you need.

Wood-fired clay ovens, wood-fired brick ovens, with stove,... All of them, prefabricated with the best refractory materials and in an artisanal way, preserving the traditional essence of each one of them, to guarantee the most authentic and traditional results of each one of our ovens.

Discover our wood oven catalog!


If you prefer, and you dare, you can also build your own wood oven with your own handsthanks to our Construction kits It will be much easier than you think! We provide you with everything you need for construction, in addition to instructions and telephone assistance, if necessary.

Do you dare to build your own wood oven?😉👇

*IMPORTANT: In the case of construction kits, the offer of up to 12% discount that we have for spring 2023 does not apply.

wood fired ovens

Discount on accessories for your wood oven!

And every wood oven has to bring its accessories for your culinary journeys! For it, en Hornosdeleña.com we have a super offer for you and to help you improve your baking moments.

In our online store of wood ovens and accessories, new pans, gloves, pyrometers... You have a 10% discount! And, to benefit from the promotion, you only have to buy a minimum of three accessories 😎

Remember that the promotion is limited, so get hold of it as soon as possible!

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