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10 Jun, 2021

New patent with "ANTI-SMOKE VISOR"

Doors for wood-fired ovens. Prices and features.

The doors for wood-fired ovens are essential to optimize the use of our ovens and the cooking in them. If you have, or want to buy, a wood oven, surely oven doors are one of the accessories that you already know that you cannot miss.

En Hornosdeleña.com we offer a wide catalog of doors for wood-fired ovens and affordable prices for all budgets. But are all wood-burning oven doors the same? Fortunately, we have different options to choose from and, at Hornos de Leña, you will find the one you are looking for.

In addition, currently, we have incorporated new doors with anti-smoke visor, under patent U201900436. This means offering our oven-cookers to enhance their enjoyment and use with their wood-burning ovens.

Un unique system in the Spanish market (*), with the visor included in the door, preventing the upper bricks of the mouth from getting smoked and dirty, keeping the appearance of the oven clean, like the first day.

The anti-smoke visor completely prevents dirt adhering to the brick and, therefore, you will save time in subsequent cleanings.

The visor is available in both cast iron doors as well as iron ones. With this visor system and the anti-smoke opening (U200900124-430123) it results in a quality, versatile and functional door.

Buy doors for wood burning ovens with visor

The doors for wood-fired ovens can be made of different materials and, among them, the recommended ones are cast iron doors for wood-fired ovens and iron doors, in addition to presented with different options: with or without glass window, anti-smoke system, and the new patented visor.

En Hornosdeleña.com you have at your disposal different models. Ready?

Cast iron wood oven doors

The cast iron wood oven doorsAre manufactured, by hand, according to casting technique. This type of doors are prepareds to withstand high temperatures. They can also be presented with or without glass, which is also prepared for it. They come in different sizes: large, small and mini, and all open to the right.

Cast iron wood oven doors come with anti-smoke system, patented by Hornosdeleña.com, which prevents 90% of the smoke from escaping.

In addition, our cast iron doors have an anti-smoke visor (patent U201900436) to prevent smoke from blackening the bricks from the mouth of the furnace when the door is opened.

From Wood burning ovens, we want to highlight that each cast iron door is different, unique.  The final finish is typical of an artisan manufacturing process with its imperfections that provide rustic and natural characteristics.

On our website www.hornosdeleña.com, you will find different models, with different finishes and prices.

Consult our catalog of doors for cast iron wood ovens PUNCHING HERE !

Iron wood oven doors

We also have iron wood oven doors, that offer characteristics similar to those of cast iron: patented anti-smoke visorOption with or without glass. And there are also with left or right opening.

It should be said that, our anti-smoke system, consists of a small door in the main door, to be left ajar. This will allow the oven to be turned on and the main door closed, preventing excessive smoke from escaping.

Consult our catalog of doors for wood-fired iron ovens PUNCHING HERE !

Do you want more information or are you looking for something specific for your wood oven? ¡Contact us and we advise you! In our company we specialize in the manufacture and sale of custom wood-fired ovens, as well as its accessories, such as clay pots, doors for wood-fired ovens, shovels, Construction materials,…

Everything you need to be part of our community of oven-cookers is in www.hornosdeleña.com!

(*) IMPORTANT! Any door that had this "anti-smoke visor" system not marketed by "hornosdeleña.com" would be violating intellectual property according to the regulations of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Agency.

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    • Hello Jesus, thank you for contacting us. The door with anti-smoke Visor is a product patented by us. The advantage of this visor on the upper frame of the door is to prevent smoke from staining the bricks of the door arch, by deflecting the smoke outlet forward. We are at your disposal for any other information you may need. All the best.

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