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21 Mar 2022,

How to save on cooking bills and not die trying

With the rise in electricity prices, the time has come to find new alternatives to do our basic daily activities, like cooking.

Believe it or not, we have within our reach solutions to continue with our lives, taking care of energy expenditure and, in addition, opting for more sustainable solutions.

To do this, from Hornosdeleña.com we propose one alternative: cook more with your wood oven. Since, the wood ovens, we only need firewood and a wood oven for it, therefore, investing in a wood oven, in the long term, will be a good purchase.

Sustainability has always been a path to choose in our day to day, and now, with the rise in prices, it is becoming a necessity if we want to take care of our pockets.

En Wood Ovens, we have a wide catalog of wood-burning ovens for all budgets, spaces and needs. In addition, our ovens will be able to pay for their ovens, in comfortable installments 😎

Having a wood oven has become the dream of many and, In our factory of artisanal and custom-made wood-burning ovens, we offer different options for all needs and tastes😉👇

brick wood ovens

The traditional brick wood ovens, are designed to achieve optimal results in all our recipes. Their traditional aesthetics make them irresistible and their quality materials make them one of the best options to enjoy cooking in a wood-fired oven.

En Hornosdeleña.com You can choose between different options:

Modular wood ovens

The modular wood ovens are available in different sizes to adapt to any space in the house. Comfortable to place and with top quality materials.

Wood burning ovens for individuals

We have wood-fired ovens for individuals, with different designs, finishes and accessories, so that our customers can make their own oven to their liking.

Here we leave you our proposals:

Wood burning ovens for professionals

We have special wood-fired ovens for professionals, in the right sizes, efficient and comfortable for daily use.

These are our star wood-fired ovens for restaurants, pizzerias, grills,...

Clay ovens

Clay ovens, made with refractory materials to offer the highest quality.

Where to buy your wood oven

If you have decided buy your wood oven, the most advisable thing is that you do it in a specialized site and, In Wood-fired Ovens, we are a factory and a shop specializing in artisan wood ovens. We work with top quality materials and refractory bricks to offer the maximum guarantee in our custom-made wood-fired ovens.

Each wood oven is unique and this is how we treat it, from the first contact with the client for its creation, and during its manufacturing and delivery process.

Contact us and request information without obligation. We offer payment facilities and all the guarantees to take care of the experience of our wood ovens.

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