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13 Nov, 2023

Custom refractory plates Buy yours at the best price!

Good news! We have incorporated a new product in our store wood fired ovens, accessories and construction materials And now you can buy custom refractory plates at factory prices!

After listening to your requests and approaches, we wanted to offer a solution to our clients who need to find a refractory piece that, due to its special measurements, is not found on the market. Thus We have the sale of custom-made refractory tiles from each client!

Refractory plates Wood ovens

Our custom refractory plates, are manufactured with the highest quality standards and designed to resist temperatures up to 1300ºC, which guarantees optimal performance in a wide variety of applications.

In addition to the durability and reliability of our refractory plates They have no rival! We can also manufacture them in light or dark tones to adapt to your preferences and needs, which adds value to your aesthetics and shopping experience.

refractory plates

Uses of refractory tiles

Whether you need to replace chimney plates o stoves, or are you looking for refractory plates for electric ovens, barbecue basesFor economical kitchens, our custom refractory plates are the solution you need!

If you need more information about it, you only have to contact us and we will assist you with great pleasure.

Buy refractory tiles

We manufacture the refractory tiles custom made on request and budget, previously closed, so in Wood fired ovens, we guarantee you a handmade and quality product, completely personalized, something very difficult to find in the market today.

For buy your custom refractory tiles en Hornosdeleña.com, you only need to contact us through these channels:

E-Mail:  info@hornosdelena.com

Telephone: +34 962 966 664 / 662 380 039

We provide you with all the information, in our sheet:

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