Wood OvensWood fired ovensCustom prefabricated wood-burning ovens. We'll take it home!
22 Sep, 2022

Custom prefabricated wood-burning ovens. We'll take it home!

Are you looking for prefabricated wood ovens tailored to your needs? If what you want is to buy a high-quality wood-fired oven, which will take you home! Wood fired ovens, we have what you are looking for!

If your thing is not to make a wood oven with your own hands, or If you want to avoid all the construction steps in your house, you can buy your wood-fired oven already manufactured, in the measurements and finishes you choose, and you only have to place it where you want, when it arrives. Easy, simple and direct!

prefabricated wood ovens

But how where buy prefabricated wood ovensFrom our wood-fired oven factory, we recommend that you do it in a specialized company, where you can be guaranteed that wood-fired ovens are manufactured with high-quality materials, refractory bricks and with the appropriate finishes to improve your experience with your wood-fired oven.

En Wood fired ovens, you will find a wide range of wood ovens, both for individuals and professionals, prefabricated and in different sizes and finishes. Still don't know our wood-fired oven factory? Continue reading Surely you like what we have to tell you! 😉

summer outdoor homemade wood-fired ovens

What do we offer you at Hornosdeleña.com?

En Hornosdeleña.com we are factory and store of wood ovens in Valencia, where we offer international services and shipments. Our wood-fired ovens are sold throughout Spain and the world, expanding our horizons, where our main mission is: offer a craft quality in the product and excellence in the service.

Artisanal prefabricated wood-fired ovens

En Wood fired ovens, we are craft oven manufacturerswhere we build our custom wood ovens, with different finishes and using the best materials to guarantee a quality product.

Our team of craftsmen make wood-fired ovens with their own hands, offering a wide range of options, to customize the ovens to the taste of each of our customers, both individuals as Professionals, where you can choose between:

Clay ovens

Clay ovens made by hand, with refractory brick floor and chimney with draft cut covered with refractory brick, with door including anti-smoke system.

Brick kilns

Refractory brick ovens, handmade and traditional. Discover our catalog of custom wood-fired ovens and ask us for your favourite! Which one best suits your needs?

Modular ovens

Ourmodular ovens, as its name suggests, they are already manufactured in modules, so you can place them wherever you want. Which version is your favorite?

Sale and installation of wood ovens at home

In addition to craftsmanship of wood-fired ovens, we also deal with the sale of ovens. We have all the means to deliver our ovens to each destination.

If you are going to buy a wood oven, go to our factory and store of wood ovens in Valencia, and we will take care of everything, from personalized advice, payment facilities and customized financing, and after-sales service.

It doesn't matter where you are in Spain, if you want to buy your wood oven prefabricated ¡Contact us! We will be happy to assist you and help you with the choice of your new wood-fired oven.

Discover our catalog and join our family of wood-burning ovens!

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