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19 Jul, 2021

Homemade wood-fired ovens Discover our handicraft factory!

If you're looking for wood oven artisanal to enjoy good gastronomic moments, with your family and friends. You have come to the right place! En Hornosdeleña.com we are a handicraft factory where we create traditional wood-fired ovens, made to measure and with the best quality materials.

If what you are looking for is quality and duration, we recommend that you discover the alternatives and facilities, which we put at your fingertips Do you want to join our family of oven cookers? Keep reading!

Factory of artisanal wood-fired ovens

One of the things that our clients value the most is that, en Wood Ovens, we specialize in the manufacture of traditional wood-fired ovens, created by the hands of our own artisans and using the best quality materials for assembly, such as our refractory bricks.

It is important that a wood-fired oven is of quality, in this way, your recipes will obtain better results and the facilities to heat its interior and preserve heat will be significantly improved. But How to detect that we are facing a quality homemade wood-fired oven?

Refractory bricks and manufacturing processes

To start, the first thing you have to look at is the materials. There are many types of bricks, but this is where we have to put the most emphasis, not all bricks can be used to build a wood oven.

To do this, they have to be refractory bricks, They are presented in different finishes, sizes and thicknesses. These bricks offer great resistance to high temperatures, in addition to optimally maintaining the heat inside the kiln.

En Wood fired ovensWe manufacture our ovens with refractory bricks, but, not only that, we also offer refractory bricks for sale, for customers who want to assemble their wood-fired oven, with their own hands. Another alternative that we offer from our company, since you can purchase the prefabricated wood-fired oven, for construction kits for assembly by the client or, alternatively, buy the loose materials for its manufacture complete.

Depending on how handy you are or the time you have, tell us what you need and we will gladly advise you!

refractory bricks wood-fired ovens

Private wood ovens vs Professional wood ovens

Another thing to keep in mind is the function of the wood oven in question. If what you want is a wood oven for your home, in our factory we offer you different models in different sizes and finishes for your enjoyment: Brick ovens, stone-finished ovens, traditional ovens with burners, kaolin wood-fired ovens, modular wood-fired ovens, ... You just have to tell us what your space is and how you want the finishes (doors, fireplaces, pyrometers, ...)

If, on the contrary, you want to give it a professional use to your wood ovenIn our factory you have wood-fired ovens for professionals, specialized, with greater capacity so that your recipes in the wood-fired oven satisfy the palate of all your customers!

Custom wood ovens

Have a custom wood oven of our needs, space, number of diners, budget, ... It is essential to enhance our experience with our wood oven! The most oven-cookers, we know that having the appropriate measures is an advantage that facilitates our day to day.

Buying a custom wood-fired oven is possible in our craft factory, from mini ovens like ours tonino 70, even the largest for professional use such as tonino 120You will find a variety of sizes available to choose the one that best suits your needs.

summer outdoor homemade wood-fired ovens

Accessories for wood-fired ovens

Another essential aspect to choose your wood oven well are its accessories. The doors for wood-fired ovens, can magnify your experience, even take care of the appearance of the bricks, with our anti-smoke visor (patented) and control the smoke output with our anti-smoke system (also patented).

Another key accessory for your wood burning oven is the pyrometer, that can be integrated with your oven, or buy external to place it yourself. Then, it never hurts to get more good oven accessories, such as special gloves for wood ovens, quality shovels and clay pots that resist high temperatures.

On our website www.hornosdeleña.com, Not only you will find your custom wood oven, we also offer a large catalog of accessories for wood-fired ovens, with guarantee and with the highest qualities to enjoy your wood oven, without limitations. Enter our online store and discover our products!

Financing and after-sales service

After-sales service and services during the purchase, are an important factor when it comes to taking care of your shopping experience. En Wood Ovens, we don't have customers, we have kilns And as such, we like to take care of them, as we consider them to be our family.

Everyone deserves to fulfill their dream! And, having a wood oven in your home is more common than we think. Why deprive yourself of it and of all the moments they offer us? Thus, At Wood Burning Ovens, we offer tailor-made financing! A flexible form of payment, without complicated paperwork and without surprises, is a guarantee that you can have your wood oven how and when you want.

factory and sale of wood-fired ovens

Buy artisan wood oven

Do you want to buy a handmade wood oven with all the guarantees and accessories at your disposal to magnify your experience? En Wood fired ovens, we manufacture our 100% artisan ovens, made to measure, with the best materials and guarantees, in order to offer you all the facilities so that you can enjoy your new wood oven to the fullest.

You don't have to search anymore! Contact us and ask us without obligation. In addition, we invite you to discover the opinions of our oven cookers, through web reviews and on Google.

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    • Hello. Please send us an email to: info@hornosdelena.com indicating the model or size of oven you need, as well as the city/country of destination, and we will send you a quote. Thanks a lot. All the best.



  2. Hello good morning.
    I am going to place an order for the pyrometer chimney cast door kit…..
    I'm not sure how to place the pyrometer.
    I have to drill the vault????
    Thank you.

    • Hello Felipe, if you are going to build it with a clay dome, you will have to drill it. I'll pass you the link of a video of the construction of an oven with a clay dome in case it helps you. Greetings. https://youtu.be/G5lBWwUC69Q

  3. Good day
    I am interested in a wood-burning oven for the kitchen with a mouth on the inside and an oven on the outside, it has to go through a wall of about 30 cm.
    It would have to have a double door, one inside for use and another rear door for loading and cleaning.
    Could you inform me of the feasibility and price orientation, it must not be very large, it is a domestic oven.
    Thank you and good year 2023

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